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Since the age of four, I have been drawing and painting. As a child, I followed in the footsteps of my father. Whenever he went out to do a Plein air painting, he would take me with him and with my paper and crayons, I did my own art. Often I painted what I saw within rather than what I had in front of my eyes.

After many years of artistic accomplishments, I find that I still prefer to paint the mystical aspect of the world; even so, I am also capable of painting a Plein air piece quite successfully.

I always thought I'd be an artist when I grew up. I was interested in learning all I could learn about the world around me, particularly the techniques of the old masters as well as the new ones. I studied in France, Italy, and India, and traveled all over the world. Making art is a fantastic process—hard to understand or really describe. It simply happens. Oh, there are lots of techniques to learn, lots of processes to figure out, and lots of studies to be made, but in the end, it is a culmination of more than all those things. It comes from inside, and it will not stand much shaping—all the studies and learned skills only help to give it a voice that is recognizable by others.

The steps I take do depend on the purpose of the art:
With these overall convictions as a basic template, my artistic vision is to create mystical images that reveal the beauty of life in all its inner form, but with emphasis on two areas more than any others. For the first, I am compelled to capture the natural environment in the form of people and landscapes in a realistic fashion. The subjects and styles I choose are people in nature. I like to paint people at the moment, in everyday situations. I like to catch them unawares, in a moment of distraction.

For the second area, however, my knowledge of Vedic scriptures and my own internal meditation drives me to create what was described by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami as "Windows to the spiritual world", both on Earth and on other worlds, surrounded by its architecture, its visible and invisible creatures, and perhaps a few surprises from the long-forgotten past. It is in this second area that I yearn to turn my imagination loose for an unbridled journey.

About my art in general and the way I work:
My paintings are not concerned with any notion beyond the limits and freedoms of my medium. The colors and the composition are my platforms. Painting is problem-solving. In my most recent body of work I have been exploring solutions to the challenge of creating an atmosphere on canvas with a looser style, this is where my focus lies. Also, the forms are the primary structures holding the composition balanced.

To create my paintings, I use oils I grind myself into tubes. I also make my own Maroger mediums ( two different ones: the Rubens gelly medium and the Titian wax medium). This allows colors to give my canvas a sense of vibrancy. Some of my paintings have more apparent brush strokes than others, which I really enjoy to show. The approach I take is that I paint the entire composition first. I then build my shapes on that solid foundation. I always make sure there is balance throughout my composition. My work has and will continue to involve landscapes,  figures, adolescence, and refreshing imagery, as well as spiritual themes. This is part of who I am.

Sometimes the research on a painting can take as long as the actual execution of the painting. That in itself is a gratifying learning experience for me. The conception and the first sketches are essential. Then comes the painting itself and it should be executed as spontaneously as possible without losing the freshness of the first jet.

In conclusion:

Now the question is how do I get people as excited about my art as I am? Well, this is simply that I try to bring my viewers the quiet poetry of an inner world rich with spiritual and artistic vision even when I paint an ordinary landscape or somebody at the farmer's market. I have been told that my paintings "grow" on people. After hanging my pictures in their home people start to see a "thousand things" they did not notice before. I think this is because my work has many layers of meaning. They continue to be delighted and inspired by the artistic experience.