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Oil Paintings - Prints - The fountain

Copyright by Dominique Amendola

Painting A Day: Original oil on gallery wrap canvas with painted sides. this painting does not need a frame.
Size: 8"x8"- unframed
Price: $99.00

Yes, i have been gone for a long time. First at all I was busy with more commission work. This time it was a bathroom mural. It took all I had to paint on top of a ladder for days at a time. My clients are always so happy with the results it is worthy in the end. Yes, I do have other commissions on the horizon. So i may not post as often as I'd like. Also i had a set back. My computer had a defective hard drive and I lost a lot of data including my art files.
For today's painting I sort of looked for things that I can get my brush around. This time I went to a nice winery but got struck by this attractive fountain. I like fountains.
I think the main thing that inspires me is the constant and nagging wish to do better. This is what really keeps an artist going.
I'm inspired all the time and am always filling up little art notebooks with ideas for paintings. The inspiration behind a lot of my work comes from wanting to express something within myself and usually associated with the things I love about life or have experienced.
I keep motivated by looking at other people's art or by changing mediums. I just really love all aspects of creating art.