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Oil Paintings - Prints - New oil painting by Dominique Amendola: City market in Bangalore India

City market in Bangalore, India
If you click on the image, you'll get a larger view.
This image is under strict copyright to Dominique Amendola. 

This painting was executed in India as the previous ones were too.
In this painting many Indian citizens are heading towards the market, Muslins and Hindus have the same purpose: to get groceries, fruits and vegetables. On the right side, a mosque is represented, usually painted in green as seen here.
On the foreground  some motorcycle riders are poised at the intersection. You can see on the right, a muslin couple, on the left the typical south indian Hindu  couple.
The composition is complex, almost divided in two halves: on the right the mosque and the muslin couple on a motorcycle, on the left the traditional hindus on their motorcycle rides.
It becomes all mixed up in the back where the crowd is hurrying towards the market street or coming out loaded with shopping bags. As far as the linear composition goes, the figures on the left are inviting us within the painting on a diagonal, while the muslin couple as well as the buildings in the background are forming an horizontal line, stabilising  the composition.

See painting details below:

Details are showing the brush work. I have an ocher yellow glaze as an underpainting that you see showing through the brush strokes.
Just click on the image to see a larger view.
I focused on the figures in the foreground, giving them more details that the groups in the background. See the difference in the details below:
Detailed foreground figure

Impressionistic  details in the background
Notice how the figures do not really have defined features. 
This is a painting of a typical street market day in Bangalore, India. 
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