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Oil Paintings - Prints - View of Tiburon ( large painting)

Copyright by Dominique Amendola

Painting A Day: Original oil on hard Masonite canvas board
Size: 68" x 48"
Price: Sold
Status: Sold

This beautiful view of the town of Tiburon was a commissioned piece. This is the piece I was working on for the past couple months. It is quite a process to paint such a large painting.
First I painted a couple plein air color sketches on canvas and also did some studies in conte crayons. I also took some photos, but no photo can give you a sense for the colors. This is why it was so important to paint a few plein air pieces first. Then I went home and prepared a view from a collage of some of my photos, as well as some composition sketches. Composition is all important to me and play a big role in my paintings. However, i was limited by my clients desires to have a certain size. this left me me doing a panoramic piece with a 3 x 4 ratio when i would have wished for a 3 x 2 ratio for a more dynamic panoramic view.
After deciding on the composition I painted a small version (as seen on this blog) of my future painting.
I decided to stretch my canvas myself so that i could choose the best type of canvas without restriction. I have done this in the past. Since it was to be such a large size canvas, it took me a couple hours just to stretch the canvas to my satisfaction.
I started the canvas with the sky and then established the landscape on top of it. The final result of all these steps is what you see. My clients are delighted with the results.
If you would like to commission a painting from me, you can go to my website at: and see the possibilities in the portrait section. By clicking on "how to order a portrait" you get a price list. This will give you an idea of what I charge. I have done portraits, landscapes and copies of old masters paintings for peoplein this way, actually the sky is the limit. You can email me about your plans and we can discuss what is possible.