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Le Festival du Panihati, peinture à l'huile, réalisme classique, art védique, Védas, sadhus, les sages, Inde, art figuratif, réalisme,
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The Panihati Festival
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Oil on canvas
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50 " x 64"
In this picture, there is a reunion of many sadhus (sages) at the occasion of an invitation of Raghunatha Das who was asked by Lord Nityananda to put up a festival and feed many saints. He suggested that he organize this festival and with his wealth feed thousands of vaishnavas. They gathered by the banks of the Ganges and were serve flat rice with yogurt and bananas. In this painting, Lord Caitanya is not visible to all. He appears to lord Nityananda and they playfully feed each other, while the others might not be aware of His presence. They simply see Nityananda sitting by Himself. This is a commissioned painting and I realize that the subject is a bit complicated for some. However, I wanted to make this painting available to a small group of followers.