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Under the moon light, Radha is showing the gopis that Krishna left her
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Radha Lamenting With The Gopis
Oil on canvas
40" x 60"
After a long search in the forest, the gopis found Radha lamenting alone. Krishna left her after abandoning the rasa dance. While leaving the dense forest, the gopis absorbed their minds in thoughts of Krishna. They vowed to see Him as they loudly sang the glories of Krishna's transcendental qualities. Then they broke down crying and softly mur­mured about Him. The loud humming of a swarm of bees agitated from smelling Krishna's fragrant mouth suddenly broke their trance of love. The gopis again came to the bank of the Yamuna. Walking along, they arrived at an auspicious strand of dazzling white sand, finer and softer than camphor dust. They sat down together and sang about Krishna for some time. The sweetness of their song, the essence of love in separation, could melt a heart of stone and attract the hearts of the mountains, trees and creepers.