I have been a painter for over 30 years and started to draw and produce Art at the age of four. I raised three beautiful children and traveled extensively in Switzerland, Italy, and India. Over the years, I resided both in France and in the United States and even india for some years. My work is now hanging in several private museums and castles in US and abroad. . I am painting many themes all mostly with figures or landscapes. Most of my paintings are small oil paintings but there are plenty of larger ones too .The work is charming and varied and will look good in your home or office. To create my paintings I use oils I grind myself into tubes. I also make my own Maroger mediums (two different ones: the Rubens jelly medium and the Titian wax medium). This allows colors to give my canvas a sense of vibrancy. Some of my paintings have more apparent brush strokes than others, which I really enjoy to show. The approach I take is that I paint the entire composition first. I then build my shapes on that solid foundation. I always make sure there is balance throughout my composition. My work has and will continue to involve landscapes figures, adolescence, and refreshing imagery, as well as spiritual themes. This is part of who I am.
At present I am focusing on loosening up my style and introducing palette knife work in my pieces. My trend is figures in landscapes, harmony of colors and paying more attention to the subtle emotions behind the paint.

2009 to 2011 I have been showing my work permanently since the middle of 2009 in the Time and Space Gallery in Bangalore, India as well as at the Streisand Art gallery in the same place.
2009 Aurora colors gallery Petaluma, CA
2008 Saint Germain’s art gallery, Tiburon, CA
2008 Tiburon Art festival, Tiburon, CA
2008 Apple blossom art fair, Sebastopol CA
2007 Spirit Art exhibit, Santa Rosa, CA
2007 Aurora colors gallery Petaluma, CA
2007 Sonoma county fair
2006 Sebastopol Art Center, Sebastopol , CA
2005 Sebastopol Art Center, Sebastopol, CA
2004 Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT
2003 Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT
2002 Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT
2002 ( winter) Equinox Hotel, Manchester VT
2001-2003 North Star Gallery, Vermont
1999-2001 Witt Gallery, Vermont
1997 Vedanta institute in Vrindavan India.
1993 Fine Lines Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC
1991 Corbee Gallery, New Jersey
1978 Indian Embassy, NY, NY
1967 Lycee Van Gogh Ermenonville, France

2008 West America Bank Downtown Santa Rosa
2008 Mairie d’Echiré- France
2007 Raoul Goff private estate, San Raphael CA
2005 Evolution Yoga studio, Santa Rosa CA
2003 Master’s Gallery, Bangalore, India
2001 Witt Gallery, Pawlet, VT
1978-1985 Los Angeles Watseka church, CA
1974 Chateau D’Oublaisse Tours, France

Hastings Private Museum, California
Veda Guya Art Collection, California
Delhi Temple Art Center, India
Los Angeles Iskcon Temple, California
Private Collections in Florida, North Carolina, California, Vermont, New Jersey,
Florence, Rome, Tours, India.

Mandala media –2006
Publications under Mandala Media, 2001-2003
Krishna Art, 1990
Numerous Publications under Bhaktivedanta Booktrust, 1975-1985

2011_Illustration paintings for the Bhagavad Gita
2010_ Two portrait pieces for the Time and Space gallery
2008-_Large Panoramic view of Tiburon Oil on linen canvas
2008_mural for bathroom wall
2008_ portrait with multiple figures
2007_cover illustration for “The shishastakam”
2006-_2007 Numerous portraits and landscape paintings
2005_2 Gaudiya Bengali style paintings for Govinda’s Restaurant
1992 _ 5’ x 11’ oil on canvas landscape, Econolodge, Durham NC.
1989-2006 _Numerous portrait commissions
1975-1985 _Numerous commissions for the BBT in Los Angeles

Atelier Beaudry, Passage d’Enfer, Paris, Drawing, Anatomy, Design, Painting,
Ecole Décoratifs de Paris, Drawing, Anatomy, Design, Painting,
Perspective, Architecture, interior design,
Madras Art Center, India Vedic proportions
Private studies in Rome and Florence