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Oil Paintings - Prints - Sketch for Gosai Ghat, an unfinished painting

Today I went to paint at sunrise on the Kaveri river near the ashrama where I am staying in South India at the moment.
Time can fly in india and things take a long time to accomplish. In order to get to paint this piece I had to wait for the perfect weather. But I was already readying myself for weeks. Since I could not find a satisfactory canvas of good quality in my area, I had to stretched my own canvas and prime it myself then wait for some time for it to dry properly. Actually I should have waited 6 months to a year before I use this particular canvas. I primed it in oils with lead white and it takes that much time to cure.
Obviously, I did not wait that long and the canvas behaved very nicely, no problems.
Gosai Ghat is an old temple of Shiva across from our Mutt. Many pilgrims come there to take bath, get drunk, or eat some "prasad", (indian cooking offered to the deity, in this case, Shiva).
Anyhow it is a very beautiful site early in the morning. I worked for about 3 hours today and will continue this picture in a few days.