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Mother ran after baby; and flowers were dropping from her loosened hair.
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Mother Yashoda Chasing Baby Krishna
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Oil on canvas
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24" x 30"
This painting portrays the story of Sri Krishna, standing on top of a grinding mortar, who was snatching yogurt from a hanging jar. Seeing His mother coming, He climbed down the mortar and ran in fear of punishment for the mischief of breaking the earth-ware. Mother Yashoda cautiously approached Her son, Who was standing on the upside-down mortar. Furtively glancing around, He was feeding yogurt to a monkey from a hanging pot. Seeing His mother coming towards Him with a stick, He immediately climbed down the mortar and fled as if in fear, but she pursued Him, that same Lord Who cannot be captured even in the unflinching meditation of great yogis, was running in fear of Mother Yashoda. Yashoda could run faster, thus she soon caught Him from behind. The words “running fast” infer the special charm of her broad hips and breasts, as well as her intense affection. “she caught Him from behind” also hint to His special affection for her. It is said in Bhagavatam (10.9.10): Although hampered by her broad hips, the graceful mother ran after Him; and flowers dropping from her loosened hair followed her path. Finally, she caught Him from behind. This is a very famous story from the Bhagavat Purana. That is the third version of this painting. The two other ones are sold. The first one painted in the '70s is very famous.