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A sadhu clads in saffron robes is making the animals of the jungle dance
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Mahaprabhu in the Jarikhanda Forest
Oil on canvas
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36" x 48"
After some time Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu again started on His tour towards northern India, and He decided to visit Vṛndāvana and its neighboring places. He passed through the jungles of Jharikhaṇḍa (Madhya Bhārata), and all the wild animals also joined His saṅkīrtana movement. The wild tigers, elephants, bears, and deer all together accompanied the Lord, and the Lord accompanied them in saṅkīrtana. By this, He proved that by the propagation of the saṅkīrtana movement (congregational chanting and glorifying of the name of the Lord) even the wild animals can live in peace and friendship, and what to speak of men who are supposed to be civilized.