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Narada instructs Srila Vyasadeva, oil painting, figures painting, oil on canvas, classical, realism, spiritual art, vina, Himalayas,
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Narada instructs Srila Vyasadeva
Oil on canvas
48" x 54"
When Vyasadeva finished writing the Vedas he was not satisfied. Narada Muni came and instructed him to write Srimad Bhagavatam, the missing part of the vedas. Vyasadeva was a great devotee, and a detached monist, whose mind was transcendental to mundane activities. However, he was feeling incomplete after writing the Vedas. His Guru, Narada Muni instructed him to describe the Almighty Lord's activities which will mitigate the miseries of the masses. This is a classical painting with a very specific secret geometry using the golden section. For this reason, this static scene where two ascetics are sitting facing each other, becomes an attractive and mysterious image.