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Oil Paintings - Prints - Testimonials from my collectors

Suen Parker and her husband in their California home. When they came in my studio and saw the original painting I just finished for them, they were pleasantly stunned and very impressed.

“So beautiful!” - Suen

India Street Scene 4 in Srini Bangalore’s California Home.

“A beautiful sun-drenched Indian street scene. What stories it tells! I am so pleased with the work”  - Srini Bangalore

The Lady With The Sitar in Olivia Obadiah’s house.

“I received the painting “The Lady With The Sitar”. It is super gorgeous. Thank you sooooo much!!!!  - Olivia

Cendrillon and Young Girl Writing a letter

“Your talents and love for art are surely dominant in these beautiful pieces of outstanding art work!” - Howard S Mehler

Gaura Nataraja purchased my entire Amadeus series art collection for the The First Surfing Federation Of India. Here he is posing with “The Great Wave”

“Absolutely wonderful work!” - Gaura Nataraja

Some Additional Testimonials

“Extraordinary work Dominique!” - Heather King

“Dominique, I am so delighted to own this incredible painting!!! Love each and every details of it!” - Deepa Sahoo

“This is really fantastic work Dominique. You reveal more than just something subtle as you reveal the eternal true Dharma of all living beings.” - Michael Smith

“Dominique, Your Talent Shines!!!...” - Chrisann Ellis

“I love this wonderful painting Dominique; it is just what I think Paris should look like!!! Hopefully one day I will get to visit this beautiful city!!! This is such a beautiful work of art!!! So happy to own it!” - Marvin Spates

“It's an idyllic scene, Dominique, an absolute joy, a haven in a world gone mad -- terrific.” - Bill O’Connor

“Oh, Dominique, the cat especially is so well painted. Love the blues in the shadows mostly. Beautiful
work!” - Maggie Terlecki

Wow wow wow love! Thanks!” - Wayne Morgan

“Just received my print. Excellent work!! Love the details, and the amount of depth you have brought in by placing the moon at a distance.” - Anand Soni

Loved the print. Your work is so exceptional and beautiful, every time!!!” - Lenore Ferdinand

Thanks for the print. Fantastic sunlight, I can sense the warmth. The cat looks so comfy.” - Sharon Putty

“A beautiful and elegant angelic work, Dominique, reminiscent of renaissance arts! Love the print” - Joel Bruce

Magnificent painting! Thanks!” - Dusan Varslovick

“Happy with the print! This is so fabulous and appealing! I love the yellow for mood!” - Lexa Harpell

“Love your precious paintings, Dominique, they are such a joy to look at and experience, Sincerely, Catalina!” - Catalina Balker