How I painted "Krishna and Balaram take the cows to the pasture"

 This is a completely original artwork created step by step.



Those are the sketches for my hero and heroine, Radha on the right and Krishna on the left.

This is more or less how I work for now, expecting to be able to build a new studio soon with more facilities.

This is the sketch stage where I evaluate the darks and lights, proportions, figures locations and sizes and more. It's a battle between the figures and the background. 

After the sketch is well established I start the colours for the background at first. Later, after the first colours on the trees and flowers, the building in the back have started, then I finally apply glazes of colours on the figures.

It is a good idea not to push the colours too intensely at first. It gives room for improvement. 

It also allows me to focus on the main figures and to add as much details and colours as needed for them to sparkle, while the figures in the back are less defined because they are less prominent.

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