Testimonials from my Collectors

Panoramic View of Tiburon - in the Parker's California home
Suen Parker and her husband in their California home. When they came in my studio and saw the original painting I just finished for them, they were pleasantly stunned and very impressed.
“So beautiful!” - Suen

India Street Scene 4 in Srini Bangalore’s California Home.
“A beautiful sun-drenched Indian street scene. What stories it tells! I am so pleased with the work”  - Srini Bangalore


The Lady with the Sitar

The Lady With The Sitar in Olivia Obadiah’s house.

“I received the painting “The Lady With The Sitar”. It is super gorgeous. Thank you sooooo much!!!!  - Olivia

Cendrillon and Young Girl Writing a letter

“Your talents and love for art are surely dominant in these beautiful pieces of outstanding art work!” - Howard S Mehler

Gaura Nataraja purchased my entire Amadeus series art collection for the The First Surfing Federation Of India. Here he is posing with “The Great Wave”

“Absolutely wonderful work!” - Gaura Nataraja

Partha Sarathi for a couple in North Carolina. The painting is actually 6 feet by 4 feet. That room is huge!

"Got the painting stretched today and mounted on the wall. We love it! Thank you for working with us on this." - Anjali

Some Additional Testimonials

“Extraordinary work Dominique!” - Heather King

“Dominique, I am so delighted to own this incredible painting!!! Love each and every details of it!” - Deepa Sahoo

“This is really fantastic work Dominique. You reveal more than just something subtle as you reveal the eternal true Dharma of all living beings.” - Michael Smith

“Dominique, Your Talent Shines!!!...” - Chrisann Ellis

“I love this wonderful painting Dominique; it is just what I think Paris should look like!!! Hopefully one day I will get to visit this beautiful city!!! This is such a beautiful work of art!!! So happy to own it!” - Marvin Spates

“It's an idyllic scene, Dominique, an absolute joy, a haven in a world gone mad -- terrific.” - Bill O’Connor

“Oh, Dominique, the cat especially is so well painted. Love the blues in the shadows mostly. Beautiful
work!” - Maggie Terlecki

Wow wow wow love! Thanks!” - Wayne Morgan

“Just received my print. Excellent work!! Love the details, and the amount of depth you have brought in by placing the moon at a distance.” - Anand Soni

Loved the print. Your work is so exceptional and beautiful, every time!!!” - Lenore Ferdinand

Thanks for the print. Fantastic sunlight, I can sense the warmth. The cat looks so comfy.” - Sharon Putty

“A beautiful and elegant angelic work, Dominique, reminiscent of renaissance arts! Love the print” - Joel Bruce

Magnificent painting! Thanks!” - Dusan Varslovick

"My Painting arrived today - It is beautiful!  Thank you! it is one of a kind - Can't wait to put it up on one of my walls - I love it!" David

“Happy with the print! This is so fabulous and appealing! I love the yellow for mood!” - Lexa Harpell

“Love your precious paintings, Dominique, they are such a joy to look at and experience, Sincerely, Catalina!” - Catalina Balker