The Swing Festival
Dominique Amendola Fine Art

The Swing Festival

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Original Oil on Canvas

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 40" x 60"

"I adore that place where the divine Goddesses of Fortune are the beloved, and Krishna, the Supreme Male, is the only lover; there all the trees are divine wish-fulfilling trees, the soil is made of transcendental gems and the water is nectar; where every word is a song, every movement is a dance, the flute is the dearest companion.” ( Bhrama Samhita 5. 56). In this charming posture, Radha and Krishna are blessing their devotees with love. Radha and Krishna are sitting on the swing, while all the other figures, the gopis, the birds, are all busily serving them in different ways: singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, picking flowers for them, making garlands.

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